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That would've been the right thing to do.

She is always fishing for compliments.

A motorcyclist came to grief when he failed to take a sweeping bend in the road.

Put that knife where the children can't get at it.

The stink from the garbage was overwhelming.

Determinate tomato cultivars stop growing at a certain height.

This cola has lost its fizz and doesn't taste any good.


The cost of the book is 4 dollars.

This car is no better than junk.

Laura looks the same as before.


You will soon be able to swim.

Is Hui more intelligent than her?

Small wonder that he thinks so.

Then you water the bowl of flour with a little water.

He felt great affection for his sister.


I'm Brazilian and I'm learning Japanese.

Let us come aboard.

I knew it wouldn't be fun.


Now is as good a time as any.


He was a weak and delicate child.

I need someone with whom I can converse.

We have nothing else.

I left the window open all through the night.

Are we going to the movies later today?

Has anyone seen my glasses?

I like your glasses.

I'm pretty sure she's right.

The family is eating breakfast on the balcony.

Johan must be busy.

Raj is a strong kid.

I just admire the diversity of life on our planet.

He shut his ears to my advice.

What are you cooking?

When was it that you visited the museum?

Who would oppose this plan?

Trying stayed at the Hilton Hotel for three days.

Who's going to hurt you?

Genius means one percent inspiration and 99 percent sweat.

That's why we like each other.

Bea wondered if Juha had also heard the same rumors he'd heard.

Spacewalks usually last between five and eight hours, depending on the job.

Recently we seem to just keep missing each other. I never seem to be able to meet up with him.

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The battery indicator light is showing that the battery is not getting charged.

I've got some ideas on how to solve this problem.

I have more work to do.

Rapunzel had magnificent long hair, fine as spun gold, and when she heard the voice of the enchantress she unfastened her braided tresses, wound them round one of the hooks of the window above, and then the hair fell twenty ells down, and the enchantress climbed up by it.

Izumi was a spy.


This is the last piece of cake.

At first, I was only looking at the French sentences, but before I knew it, I was hooked into translating them.

Then what is love? A disease which can strike people at any age.

Empty places produce the best echoes.

What makes you think he doesn't like his new job?

Who do you think will be at the meeting today?

Almost the only time a fat man loses his temper is when he has been deprived of his food.

Let's not play.

No one knows how to fix this problem.

When the war was finished, few soldiers returned home.

I enjoyed it for a while.


Dan sold his car to Linda for eight hundred dollars.

We're not cowards.

He's always on time.


Life is short, but the years are long.

We all want her to be happy.

The movie was a real tear-jerker.

It took him three years to write the novel.

Why do you spoil him?

He walked back and forth on the platform while waiting for the train.

Edwin has been fraudulently collecting insurance money for years.

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Is that still my room?

People in different cultures need more or less personal space.

This artist's lifestyle is unconventional.


I will be at your house at eight.

If it's sunny, let's go to the club.

Kathleen went into his room and slammed the door.

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Tell Kenneth I'd like to meet with him immediately.

I wanted to warn Sonja.

The anger that I had built up in me until then evaporated like a mist hit by the sun.

This will tide you over for a day or so.

Jim can be said to be a man of many talents.

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These are boys and those are girls.

I hate the world because the world hates me.

Tricia always goes to bed before midnight.

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Nigel said he'd be here.


She shut the door on her finger.

There are computers here.

Today is Ordibehesht 20.

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You can take the bus to the station.


Kayvan and Sonja watched John go out the door.


I'm often sleepy.

What colour is it?

You didn't know that either.

I told the librarian that I needed the book for a report due on Friday; so she said she would call it in.

I want to say this the right way.

Naresh might not like it if we didn't come to his party.

Walking on a train platform while distracted is very dangerous.


Are you going to kiss me or not?

Have a cookie.

Irwin died a few weeks later.

Harris took his daughter Valentin to school.

It was a complete flop.

Marsh certainly has trouble thinking outside the box.

Bring that correspondence up to date.

Sometimes it's just best to avoid topics that might be controversial.

This river is deepest here.

You still haven't told me who you are.

If I can't do this, what makes you think you can?

Sekar always talks about himself.

Emily is my girlfriend.

Maybe I should give her a hand.

Jose and Kurt both got out of the car.

Raise your left hand.

Dan attacked a black student.

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I'm too tired to think about this problem now.


I knew nobody would believe me.

We're smarter than they think.

How often have you been there?


Thomas read the message and smiled.

We need your help to do this.

Do you wear shoes indoors?

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You'd regret doing that.

Sorrel is the new secretary general of the United Nations.

Nanda climbed over the wall.

Why are you telling this to me now?

Roxana's plan failed when it was discovered by the police.

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If it were absolutely necessary to choose, I would rather be guilty of an immoral act than of a cruel one.

She asked me out.

At first I didn't understand what she was saying.

We went to fishing with my dad yesterday.

I know you're holding out on me.

This is all I've got left.

The tire is low.

This is my wine.

Meehan doesn't seem to be in a rush.

It is time to take effective action to ward off disaster.

Jinchao kept pace.

I don't need anybody.

I said nothing about the matter.

I knew that was Karen's handwriting.

It is kind of you.


Of course, it's not true.

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Debbie believed that John was his brother.

Have you ever studied abroad?

I'm saving as much as I can.

Isidore said that the remark was taken out of context.

Kriton is completely out of control.


He cleared the path of snow.

Harmon is a hot-blooded individual.

It's what Lucifer believed.

He likes travelling abroad by air.

I'd like to come home now.

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We are next-door neighbors.

I spoke with them today.

I know how much money Rolf has.


It looks delicious.

With Christmas just around the corner, I should do some shopping.

Ned laughed mockingly at Valentin.

I work and always labor very much.

I love the sun.

I like a day like a dream.

What caused the explosion?

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Women usually live longer than men.

I'll show you everything.

Have you ever traveled alone?

Chip's attitude is pretty good.

Take the jam down from the top shelf.

I suggest we forget our differences and try to cooperate.

Just check it.

Did Brandi use to play hooky?

The Panama Papers show how a Panamanian law firm helped its clients set up shell companies in tax havens around the world.